Located in Slidell, Louisiana

dining-4425_Executive Chef Ross Eirich’s family has a long history of owning and operating restaurants in Europe and in America. Ross’s great grandfather, Johann Wolfgang Eirich was born in Nuremberg, Germany on Christmas Day 1871. On May 10, 1898 he married Anna Katharina Eberlein at his restaurant in Nuremberg, Germany. They later had a son, Julius F. Eirich who was born on December 10, 1908 at 11:00 AM.

Julius P. Eirich came to the United States in 1929 and settled in Cleveland, Ohio where he owned and operated his own restaurant. He later moved to New Orleans and married Clara Gumbinger in 1935. The ceremony was held at Kolb’s Restaurant in downtown New Orleans which was a historic German restaurant. His first love was cooking but due to the economy, he had to fall back on his education of a master carpenter.

Clara and Julius had a son, Julius F. Eirich, Jr. in 1948 better known as Sonny. Sonny previously owned and operated a restaurant at Cypress Cove Marina or Cypress Cove Grill. The restaurant specialized in fresh seafood and steaks.

Photo Aug 07, 3 38 36 PMRoss Eirich was born on April 30, 1974. He graduated from Delgado University with a Culinary Arts degree. He has cooked at many fine restaurants in New Orleans and is better known as the Executive Chef at Galatoire’s Restaurant where he cooked for the James Beard Awards in New York. As a result, Galatoire’s won the Prestigious Restaurant of the Year Award and the top restaurant in the United States for the year 2003.

Ross now embarks on his own journey with Nathan’s Restaurant named after his eldest son. The restaurant will be slightly up scaled in the hopes of capturing some of the Creole classic dishes of Louisiana.

Thank you for coming to Nathan’s and we hope you enjoy the food.

– The Eirich Family